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Wheel alignment also referred to as wheel breaking or wheel tracking is an essential part of automobile maintenance. By adjusting the angles of the wheels to the way they were initially set by the manufacturer of the car, you can benefit from improved handling and precise response to steering. Contact the expert mechanics at Amalgamated Tyres today for quick and hassle-free wheel tracking and alignment.

Wheel alignment for your vehicle in Northampton

Over the course of time, the wheels of your vehicle tend to lose their alignment. This can happen even in the case of normal and careful driving, which is why no matter what the conditions are, you need to ensure your wheel alignment is regularly undertaken.

Ensure your vehicle is safe for the road

Wheel alignment is vital in increasing the life-span of your tyres, fuel economy, road holding and enhances the control of your vehicle. Common causes of alignment problems are kerb impacts, bumps and pot holes in the road surface. The alignment services we provide at Amalgamated Tyres include laser tracking and four wheel geometry. Our prices are competitive and our services are reliable and efficient every single time!

Reliable and efficient service

Based in Northampton, the team at Amalgamated Tyres handles tyre fitting for customers in and around:

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• Kettering

• Corby

• Wellingborough

• Daventry

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